Welcome to The Witchipedia

Welcome to the Witchipedia

We have 941 pages of magical and occult wisdom in our database and we are adding more every day.

The Witchipedia is a collaborative open-source informational website dedicated to providing information to new Pagan, Heathen and magical seekers and serving as a reference for more experienced individuals. We welcome the contributions of anyone with wisdom to share and we hope that this site will prove a valuable resource to Pagans, Heathens, shamanic practitioners, alchemists, witches, herbalists, occultists and magick-users everywhere.

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Curses And Bindings

This month's read-along book is Curses & Bindings: How To Do Them, How To Defend Against Them, How To Heal From Them by Tannita. This book may be another comfort zone departure for some, a guilty pleasure for others. Either way, I am excited to hear the community's thoughts!

What's New?

This month we are working on some exciting new projects and doing a bunch of behind-the-scenes editing and auditing in preparation. We think the Kitchen Witches among you will be delighted and anyone who's been following the Pagan Name database project may also find reason to celebrate in the coming months. And of course anyone who likes to see mistakes fixed should have reason to smile because we're finding and addressing a whole lot of those in the process.

Theme for August: The Dark Side

The theme for the month of August is The Dark Side; that is, anything related to magick and Pagan spirituality that might be considered "dark" or dangerous. Some of these topics may be taboo, but they're worth discussing as many people are curious and it is best to provide the curious with good information rather than sensationalism. In some cases, there are some misconceptions that need to be addressed. That being said, I hope to see lots of great, helpful information this month! Let's have fun exploring outside our comfort zone.

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