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An Imperfect Witch

In the post-holiday/pre-holiday lull, I thought it would be nice to relax with some fiction. So this month's read-along book is An Imperfect Witch, by Debora Geary, the first in her Witch Central series. Which itself seems to be an extension of her previous A Modern Witch series.

Magickal Symbols

The theme for the month of April is Magickal Symbols. Symbols are so important to magic workers because they help to engage the logical part of our brain that can get in the way of successful spellwork while simultaneously appealing to the intuitive part of the mind that is so necessary. Symbols are also more universal than words. Oftentimes, words get in the way of what we're doing. They are perhaps clumsy, awkward, or you don't know which words are the right words, but a symbol can say it all. For some, the act of tracing or drawing a symbol is a magical spell in and of itself. Symbols can be used as amulets, talismans or tatooed on our bodies, carved into our garden fences or painted onto our front doors to draw good things and ward away bad things. Some symbols are very ancient and their power reflects that. More modern symbols can also be very powerful.

What's New?

This most sacred season we like to take stock of what we have, remember what we've lost and prepare for new adventures ahead. We are cleaning house, fixing stuff and making way for new adventures. Please excuse our dust!

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