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Animal Magick and Cryptozoology

The theme for the month of January is Animal Magick. This covers any animal-related topic that has anything to do with magic, mysticism, lore, etc. and you can feel free, as always, to go as broadly as you like with this. I have created the category "beast" to contain any articles related to specific animals. Feel free to create articles about mythical animals as well as those documented by modern science, but we do want to stick to the "official" myth and lore about these creatures and stay away from the modern D&D & video game lore.

What's New?

This most sacred season we like to take stock of what we have, remember what we've lost and prepare for new adventures ahead. We are cleaning house, fixing stuff and making way for new adventures. Please excuse our dust!

The Month of January

January is the first month of the year according to the modern Gregorian and Julian calendars and its first day marks the beginning of the year for those calendars. The name January comes from the Latin Ianuarius and is names after the Roman God Janus of doorways.

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