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Welcome to the Witchipedia "FAQ" section. Here you will find a number of questions that have been asked by many people regarding magick, witchcraft, the occult and Pagan and Heathen religions. If you have a question, please ask! An entire community of seekers, elders and casual observers are waiting to share their wisdom and experience with you.

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How can I protect myself from curses and spells?

I am afraid someone has placed a curse or other unwanted magic spell on me, or will in the near future. What can I do to protect myself from others' negative magical intentions?

How do I begin my magical journey?

I am interested in learning about magic and witchcraft, but I have no idea where to begin.

How Do I Send Energy?

I see a lot of requests on the Pagan and magical community message boards for sending energy. Healing energy, positive energy, supportive energy, etc. I would love to help, but how exactly do I do that?

Is there a spell to help me fall in love with someone?

I want to be in love with my boyfriend/child's father.

teachers in Lafayette, IN?

I'm looking for a wicca teacher in Lafayette, IN that would be willing to teach me ?

Rose of Sharon

What are the magical uses for Rose of Sharon ? Is there an alternate name I should search for?

What is the difference between Wicca and Witchcraft? Is there a difference?

Many people have asked me: I have heard the Wicca is simply another name for Witchcraft. OR I have heard that Wicca means Good or White Witchcraft, while the term Witchcraft applies to evil or black Witchcraft. OR Some folks tell me that Witchcraft and Wicca are the same thing, others tell me they are two different things. Who is right?

Where can I find a teacher/mentor in the wiccan ways

Would like to find someone near the AnnArbor area in Michigan

where can i find a wiccan teacher

I'm in Preston, in Lancashire, England.

Where can I find witchy craft patterns?

I am crafty and I like to knit, embroider and sew things for my Pagan and Wiccan friends, particularly for weddings and new babies. But where can I find good patterns and diagrams that don't look like cartoon Halloween stuff?

Why do I have to help someone that is stealing from me?

Apparently I was told by someone I have to change and help my roommate, but caught him stealing from me red handed today. How am I supposed to go about doing this when he makes more money then I do, and apparently I can "heal him." Need help if possible and please.

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