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A Change of My Attitude is Need Please

Recently my grown daughters (in their late 40s) have begun to blame me for the way their lives have turned out. They blame me for having divorced their abusive fathers (I will NOT take responsibility for this). They blame me for being a promiscuous woman when I was in my 20s (I WILL take responsibility for this - I was only 23 when I had a hysterectomy and by then I had 5 children - I was searching for "love" and felt that sex was the same thing - I have apologized to my children for this behavior many times in the past). They blame me for leaving my last relationship (with another woman) of 30 years, saying she was the best person I had ever been with and I had a good life with her - what was I thinking to leave her?? What was I thinking? Well, she too, was an abuser - an emotional/mental/psychological abuser, no less than a physical abuser. The last 20 years of that relationship were spent without making love in any way - not even a deep kiss. I felt like I was "less than", I lost all of my confidence when she told me that she was embarrassed to take me out in public because she was afraid she would be seen with me. I moved to another state to help one of my daughters care for my infant great grandson since my granddaughter was unable to do so nearly two years ago. The first nine months went very well until I met a wonderful man. A man who accepted me for who I am and loves me and my witchy ways. That's when my daughter began to change and to blame and shame me. I moved out of there and in with him where I've lived a life of love since. However, I go to her house once a week and spend a night there so I can be with my great grandson the next day for his speech and developmental therapies. Another daughter has moved in with her now. The past three weeks I've gone there they have both screamed at me and told me how miserable I've made them. I come back home totally worn down and beaten. I am not only beginning to resent my daughters, I'm also starting to harbor ill feelings toward them. Today I leave for the stay over and I'm so scared. I want to feel a loving spirit inside me instead of this fear and anger. Can anyone please help. I'm not asking for a spell, as I only use these in extreme measures and never use any to cause harm to anyone. This is a confusing post I know, but I am very confused.


Am new here. I don't I know where to get started and how to start. I need someone to please lecture me. Thank you!

Any Recommendations on Books or How to Start Learning Very Indepth?

Hi! So, I have been trying to learn about witchcraft for a few years now. It's really hard to just read things on the Internet all the time though. I never know if its good information either. Luckily, my parents are very open-minded, however, I live in the bible belt. I've only ever met one person who was a witch, and he is the reason I started to research witchcraft. (I only knew him for a week while I was trying out a private school years ago, but he was really, really nice and invited me to ask any questions I had. A lot of the information I know today is still from what he told me.) Finding anyone that could help teach me would be a very hard task. Are there any books any of you can recommend or any particular information that I absolutely have to know when studying wicca? My greatest interest is healing with crystals and using spells to help others, and occasionally myself. For spells: helping my brother gain confidence so he can face his fears, help my other brother loosen up a bit, help bullies find themselves so they don't have to put others down, help people to better communicate their feelings. Small things that I could do from afar to help those who need it, without them knowing. Tnats my greatest wish for spells. Messing around with the little information I have, I'm positive I've learned how to do very minor healing with an amythest crystal. Well, it could be psychosomatic, but I've cured some headaches, erased the pain in my shoulder, made myself feel very calm, and made myself fall asleep very quickly. I've done this by putting it around certain areas chakras are supposed to be, until I've felt a tingling feeling. Im not sure if that's also part of witchcraft or not, I am very limited on information I'm afraid. Anything you all can suggest would be great! I'm going to check they out again, but there are only three books on wicca in my loral Barnes and Noble. Thanks for taking the time out to read this! Any feedback is very appreciated!

Are Sabbat dates in different parts of the world different?

I live in New Zealand, and the Imbolc Sabbat which marks the middle of winter is in the middle of summer… Would the dates for me be different from America, Europe, ect?

Are there any white magic spells that can make me freeze things with my hands or mind and my eyes from brown to green?

I'm a Christian and am very new at magic but I think it would be so amazing to be able to freeze things! Like if I tell myself to freeze something I will either be able to do it with my mind or hands and can be able to also control it with my emotions. But mainly just being able to freeze things. I have also always loved the color green for eyes but I was born with brown and am too young to go and buy colored contacts or surgery. Is there also a spell to change my eye color? Thank you so much!:)

Black Salt qualities....

I sprinkled Black Salt around the place I was renting to protect it and keep it away from the landowner's negative influence who was a very nosy and jealous woman trying to pry into my life but it didn't work! I sprinkled it during the waning of the moon, chant it my protection words without results. The situation escalated where I finally had to leave from there. Could it be that sometimes maybe the universe knows better what's good for us or not no matter how many spells we do???

Can a binding spell be done at dawn?

I was told to do a binding spell at night but problem is, that if I do it at night then Ill have to go with a flashlight and hide my spell under a rock at the hill that's behind my house-that's how I plan to do it but I dont want to alarm the neighbors.. Can I do it at dawn instead so I can have the daylight closely approaching and then go and hide it at the hill?? Also, one more thing, if a spell must be done on a Saturday night, does this mean it must be done before midnight?? (after midnight it's supposed to be Sunday…right???) I think I got this confused.. Thanks in advance!

Can a witch work on more than one spell at once or not?

Tomorrow on the full moon I was thinking of doing 2 or 3 spells (will include 2 or 3 different people). Would this be a good idea or not? Should each spell be rather worked on separate times???

Can Hekate be evoked on the waxing moon? moon

This is something I haven't gotten a clear answer on and some witches seem not to be sure. I already know that Hekate is best evoked on the waning moon, dark moon and full moon but what about when someone has Hekate as her patron and needs to do a spell which calls for the waxing moon, can she evoke the goddess then?? Thanks in advance!

Crystals specific to Dragons - all elements

I am looking for the best crystal(s) to resonate with Dragons, all elements. Not just one specific element.

Do spells have to rhyme exactly in order to work

My spells don't always rhyme and to be honest most of the times they don't rhyme at all! I just concentrate and try my best..Most of them do work though. Would love to hear opinions.

Dream and Omen Interpretation

Last night I dreamed that I was in the garage with my dad, helping him put things away, when a small brown snake slithered out from under something. It slithered right in my direction, and my dad tried to catch it by its tail but couldn't get it. I moved to another part of the garage and he tried again to catch or kill it, but he missed and when it moved it came directly at me again. It went on like this for several more rounds—he couldn't catch the snake and I couldn't get away from it.
The dream memory was triggered this afternoon while I was doing some home repair. I had opened the timer box for the landscaping lights, closed it, moved away for a few moments, then came back and opened it again. Under the lid, right next to the timer dial, a tiny, headless baby snake had appeared, still wriggling. It wriggled right off the box. That's when I recalled the dream for the first time.
In waking life I have been stressed about being unemployed for several months. I decided to switch careers and moved back in with my mother in Arkansas (I moved from Seattle, which I enjoyed very much) to focus on learning new job skills. I thought I would be working part-time but the job I lined up fell through and I have been much more idle than I anticipated (not mention very lonely). Last week I came down to Florida (where I grew up) to spend time with my dad. Just this week a friend told me about a job opportunity with a company in the field I am hoping to get into, and I applied and have an interview. It is a very sudden and unplanned turn of events and I am feeling extremely torn about taking the position if offered.
Last night I was also anxious in anticipation of seeing a friend with whom I engaged sexually last time I was in town. He's been giving me the brush off since before I went back to Arkansas. We made plans to hang out today and I was hoping to get some things off my chest and clear the air; as it happened, he cancelled on me and I gave up on him.
I am inclined to think the dream and omen are more about the job/move situation, but I thought it would be good to include anything that has been causing anxiety in the last few days.

God/Goddess of prosperity?

I am going to perform a ritual for prosperity and wondering which god and goddess to use… I was going to use the goddess abundantia but can't seem to find the right god to go with her. If you can help me I would appreciate it, thanks and blessed be! Also if you have some pointers that's fine to! (:

Has anyone done a money spell during the waning moon?

I was told once by another witch that we dont always have to wait for right phase of the moon as long as we work with the moon..Any opinions?

Hello, newcomer of this site, my profile is telling me that I need to name my page? can someone help?

I would just like to talk to someone who knows their way around this site. My profile is telling me that I need to name my page. I don't understand exactly what that means but if it means my name, the only name I have is the one I was born with, if that helps.

How can I break a curse?

Is there a simple spell to break a curse?

How can I protect myself from curses and spells?

I am afraid someone has placed a curse or other unwanted magic spell on me, or will in the near future. What can I do to protect myself from others' negative magical intentions?

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