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A Change of My Attitude is Need Please

Recently my grown daughters (in their late 40s) have begun to blame me for the way their lives have turned out. They blame me for having divorced their abusive fathers (I will NOT take responsibility for this). They blame me for being a promiscuous woman when I was in my 20s (I WILL take responsibility for this - I was only 23 when I had a hysterectomy and by then I had 5 children - I was searching for "love" and felt that sex was the same thing - I have apologized to my children for this behavior many times in the past). They blame me for leaving my last relationship (with another woman) of 30 years, saying she was the best person I had ever been with and I had a good life with her - what was I thinking to leave her?? What was I thinking? Well, she too, was an abuser - an emotional/mental/psychological abuser, no less than a physical abuser. The last 20 years of that relationship were spent without making love in any way - not even a deep kiss. I felt like I was "less than", I lost all of my confidence when she told me that she was embarrassed to take me out in public because she was afraid she would be seen with me. I moved to another state to help one of my daughters care for my infant great grandson since my granddaughter was unable to do so nearly two years ago. The first nine months went very well until I met a wonderful man. A man who accepted me for who I am and loves me and my witchy ways. That's when my daughter began to change and to blame and shame me. I moved out of there and in with him where I've lived a life of love since. However, I go to her house once a week and spend a night there so I can be with my great grandson the next day for his speech and developmental therapies. Another daughter has moved in with her now. The past three weeks I've gone there they have both screamed at me and told me how miserable I've made them. I come back home totally worn down and beaten. I am not only beginning to resent my daughters, I'm also starting to harbor ill feelings toward them. Today I leave for the stay over and I'm so scared. I want to feel a loving spirit inside me instead of this fear and anger. Can anyone please help. I'm not asking for a spell, as I only use these in extreme measures and never use any to cause harm to anyone. This is a confusing post I know, but I am very confused.


Am new here. I don't I know where to get started and how to start. I need someone to please lecture me. Thank you!

Are there any white magic spells that can make me freeze things with my hands or mind and my eyes from brown to green?

I'm a Christian and am very new at magic but I think it would be so amazing to be able to freeze things! Like if I tell myself to freeze something I will either be able to do it with my mind or hands and can be able to also control it with my emotions. But mainly just being able to freeze things. I have also always loved the color green for eyes but I was born with brown and am too young to go and buy colored contacts or surgery. Is there also a spell to change my eye color? Thank you so much!:)

Black Salt qualities....

I sprinkled Black Salt around the place I was renting to protect it and keep it away from the landowner's negative influence who was a very nosy and jealous woman trying to pry into my life but it didn't work! I sprinkled it during the waning of the moon, chant it my protection words without results. The situation escalated where I finally had to leave from there. Could it be that sometimes maybe the universe knows better what's good for us or not no matter how many spells we do???

Can a witch work on more than one spell at once or not?

Tomorrow on the full moon I was thinking of doing 2 or 3 spells (will include 2 or 3 different people). Would this be a good idea or not? Should each spell be rather worked on separate times???

Crystals specific to Dragons - all elements

I am looking for the best crystal(s) to resonate with Dragons, all elements. Not just one specific element.

Do spells have to rhyme exactly in order to work

My spells don't always rhyme and to be honest most of the times they don't rhyme at all! I just concentrate and try my best..Most of them do work though. Would love to hear opinions.

How can I break a curse?

Is there a simple spell to break a curse?

How can I protect myself from curses and spells?

I am afraid someone has placed a curse or other unwanted magic spell on me, or will in the near future. What can I do to protect myself from others' negative magical intentions?

How come each time I do a ritual my cat wants to leave the room?

I have noticed that each time I am ready to do a ritual or a spell my cat wants to leave the room…Last time I did a ritual and placed a veil on my head he went to hide in the room where he sleeps. Another time, he hid under the couch. Does anyone know why is that?? (my cat is a brown tiger Tabby cat).

How do I begin my magical journey?

I am interested in learning about magic and witchcraft, but I have no idea where to begin.

How Do I Send Energy?

I see a lot of requests on the Pagan and magical community message boards for sending energy. Healing energy, positive energy, supportive energy, etc. I would love to help, but how exactly do I do that?

I AM desperate for help

Raised in non magick household for 25 years…was told I was crazy. I woke up with fingertip smoking myself and everyone arpund me glowing..I found out what am aura was..I was always blacksheep and couldn't speak of what I was seeing..a month later I got a call from great uncle who needed to pass family gift and I was the only family has history of witches..I finally feel like I belong but alsp feel so alone. My uncle has Alhzeimers so couldn't explain anything to me.. my thirst for knowledge is unquenchible. But I need some interaction for my sanity..the rest of my family is estranged due to closemindedness..its really sad..I am one of 2 siblings and forgotten about nor do they care if they know me or an indigo I am also a cancer born on cusp of magick during the summer solstice..this is who I am..and I need understanding and guidance..please feel free to email me at moc.liamg|50rsykceb#moc.liamg|50rsykceb

I am looking for a set of antuque tarot cards for my spouse. Any ideas ?

I feel I will be guided to the proper set. I have been looking for years

I had a dream that I created a silver dragon what does this mean?

In my dream a powerful but good woman came to me and took me to a watchtower in the clouds and told me to lookout and so I did and what I saw was a ancient ancient city and floating over this beautiful city was a dark dark cloud in the shape of a mountain. The lady told me that in order to defeat this cloud of darkness I needed to create a dragon of pure silver and pure of heart. So I started to create her but before I could finish her I woke up.

I have an issue with my chosen name and could use some advice please

I really love the name Cresent and have used it for the past year. My problem is that a woman that I considered to be my friend helped choose this name.
The sad thing is that she was not a true friend. I couldn't believe some of the little nasty things that she did to me and as a result every time that I think about my name or hear or see the word Cresent, I am associating the name with her. I have not enjoyed using my name lately and I am wondering if perhaps I should change it. Can I change it?
For the most part I have put her out of my mind until I see the name and I begin to feel resentment that she not only took away our friendship she also took away my joy in my name.
I could sure use some advice, Thank You.

don't you usually know you have magick in your blood before 50+?

Ive been sorta communicating with someone who says she's evert Goddess o know which isn't many. Plus, I might be just nuts, but here's the thing , I have had three close calls with death, more if you count I almost drank myself to death. And every time I had these warnings pushing me, or in a couple ox indtBxed, out and out tell me to move, nowl Mostly we communicate through an ‘eTarot` app. She must of been someone of authority, or maybe she still is, because she’s bossier than all get out!

It's a little unnerving because I see stuff all the time not just occasionally like before. Plus, she's got some thing I'm supposed to be doing and it has her being downright rude. I really am clueless on what to do about all this, one of those 'near' death things was serious enough to rattle me to the point I have no recollection of what he said to me, only that he had a knife and he waited in my car for me. Then he stole it, it's a really long story since he happened while several casino security were watching the rough a security system. Anyway, she says I am an empathy and clairvoyant, maybe, probably. Also, it seems it's hereditary, on both of the Scottish side. And to top it off she hates my ex-husband and gets irritated that I'm having a time. Which could be the reason I'm hallucinating and really am nuts. I asked my Mom is the same but she doesn't want me to tell her yet. Arrrghhhhh

Is it intrusive to step in a circle with a pentagram in it without knowing whose it is or who made it?

My Spirit Companion wanted to show it to me at the park across the street. No one was around, no one saw me. It's a big circle on the ground made of tree branches with a pentacle and he wanted me to step inside it. He said I was "meant to be there." I hope no one who uses it detects that I've been there, I hope I didn't attract any unknown spirits. I was introduced to a few well-mannored spirits and I did feel a BIG BOOST in spiritual energy when I stepped inside. I felt it was a privilege, but now I'm a little worried. I went there only twice. The center point wasn't pointing North but it was a privilege even if I intend to pursue angelic guidance.

Is the Magpie bird associated with magic?

I see magpies very often and so far I have found 4 magpie feathers in total (on different days) but I haven't found any explanation specifically on the bird's feathers. Does anyone know?

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