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    value: '**Thank you for participating in our Ask the Witches feature. For the best experience for all, please follow these rules when asking a question.** **1.** Please keep your questions on topic. (The topic is witchcraft and magick) **2.** Please do not ask questions along the lines of //Is there a spell for this?// The answer is yes; there is a spell for just about every purpose. (Note: You can [http://www.keen.com/calls/PT_interimcall.asp?sid=12443372 Request a Personal Consultation] with Dawn Black for one on one help with this. You may need to make an appointment.) **3.** Please do not ask overly personal questions or include the real names of other people in your questions. These will be deleted without further consideration. If your question is of a personal nature, you may wish to [http://www.keen.com/calls/PT_interimcall.asp?sid=12443372 contact Dawn directly]. **4.** This is not the free psychic network. Please do not ask for predictions or readings. Questions of this nature will be deleted without consideration. **5.** Please [[[search:site | search]]] keywords related to your topic on the Witchipedia (search is in the upper right hand corner), peruse our [[[main:glossary]]] and look through other questions on this page before asking your question. It may have already been answered. It is very inconsiderate to make extra work for people offering their time for free. **6.** This is not the classified section. If you are looking to connect with folks, try http://www.witchvox.com or http://www.meetup.com .  **7.** Please restrict your punctuation to the grammatically required minimum. The number of exclamation points and question marks you can manage to fit into a title or paragraph is not proportional to the speed or accuracy of our response.'

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