Movie Witch Question

Hi All,
I just watched a witch movie from the 80's and during a scene where a witch cast a spell she recited the following:
Witch: Barbayith. Farady. Garyso. Sanighla. Carnarvon. Bilious. Here me. Conjured me. Astra. Avatar. Malmon. Ball. Leviathan. Bell. Asmodeus. Celsius. Chido. Porous. Nervous. Osborne. Satanaga. Pana. Purseless. Batien. Nobruce. Nagas. Sebulawn. Persa. Sarthavanus. Valuthar. Botiche. Catepulas.

Note: I guessed (obviously wrong) at the spelling of the words.

Can you and/or anyone in you organization tell me what she's doing or saying?
And/or where I can find the proper spelling for what she is saying?

Thanks, Scott

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