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Always go by physical mundane methods before assuming the magickal. Might be an infection like was said above.

by Ritz (guest), 25 Mar 2017 01:27

I get scratched a lot. Wash it with soap and water. If it's still puffy and red tomorrow, you may have an infection and should see a doctor. In the future, wear work gloves and long sleeves whenever you are doing whatever it was you were doing. What is it you were reading?

by Robin (guest), 23 Mar 2017 19:45
morningbirdmorningbird 23 Mar 2017 19:42
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I don't know. The person who wrote this article is no longer a member, so I can't ask her, so I just took it off. I'll put this page on my list of pages that need a rewrite.

by morningbirdmorningbird, 23 Mar 2017 19:42
Melydice (guest) 23 Mar 2017 19:04
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Where is the source for Herakles dropping the Crystal of Truth off Mt. Olympos? I can't find any other sources except for this site. I'm a Hellenic polytheist and I've *never* heard this myth before.

by Melydice (guest), 23 Mar 2017 19:04

Do you mean scratches? I got scrachted three times yesterday,but I blamed it on the Brambles!

by stepping (guest), 23 Mar 2017 15:03

These are called light workers, they get a group and send healing energy psychicly to anyone who asks,

by clive (guest), 20 Mar 2017 15:40
Dem (guest) 19 Mar 2017 05:45
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About that fire obsidian..

by Dem (guest), 19 Mar 2017 05:45

You're an extremely open and understanding partner. Your girlfriend most likely feels very close and connected with you. I agree with what the commentator above mentioned about just relaxing. Visualization really helps, visualize the feel of her skin, her lips if you have kissed, and her smell. The bridge(linkage) between you two has already been establish you just have to have fun and explore. Try not to get to lost far from reality, and if it ever got to a point where you wanted some space don't be afraid to communicate healthy boundaries. Good luck!

by Aluna (guest), 17 Mar 2017 07:21

I would think that the person who told you it was cursed would have told you why they think so. Paranormal activity can be indicated by images of faces and unexplained orbs in the picture, but whether it's cursed, specifically generally comes from the "feel" of the energy of the place. An unusually large amount of paranormal activity can indicate a curse, but not necessarily.

by morningbirdmorningbird, 16 Mar 2017 14:39

1. There are always unintentional effects, it can be hard to predict what they will be, but the honey jar is pretty innocuous.
2. One of the great things about the honey jar spell is that you can use whatever you have on hand. All you need is a jar, something to represent the target and some sweet stuff, really.
3. If the tenant signed a lease, I would use a copy of the lease or anything else you have that has their handwriting on it. It is okay to make a copy and not use the original, though an original is always best.

we are living in India. we are Hindu.
one of our tenant who are very strong and powerful party, has not paid rent since one year and even they are not vacating our shop. I want to try honey jar experiment.

  1. 1.Is there any side effects from honey jar experiment?
  2. 2.In our city, herbs and curios and oils for candle dressing and figural candles (green devil) are not available. will it work without them?
  3. 3. we know only the name of the business manager and we don't have photo of him and we have only visiting card of the tenant's business. will it work with only the name?

waiting for your early reply
thank you

honey jar experiment................ by roja (guest), 16 Mar 2017 12:46
morningbirdmorningbird 13 Mar 2017 18:07
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An obscure idea from the Christian Grimoire The Arbatel of Magic, circa 1575, the "Olympic Spirits" seem to be some previously unexplored type of spirit, not an Angel, Djinn or Demon, though perhaps something like a Daemon (Though no relation to Hellenic Lore). An interesting side trip I might make one day if nobody else submits a useful article about it.

by morningbirdmorningbird, 13 Mar 2017 18:07
Keridiaus Jones (guest) 13 Mar 2017 01:26
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What about Bethor, the Olympic spirit?

by Keridiaus Jones (guest), 13 Mar 2017 01:26
Lori (guest) 12 Mar 2017 21:33
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I want to annoit my new book with amber oil for protection. Im going to draw the symbols of the lord and lady on the inside of my bos with amber oil. Blessed be

by Lori (guest), 12 Mar 2017 21:33
Regina (guest) 11 Mar 2017 01:50
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If you can do spells, potions, and rituals, you're a witch

by Regina (guest), 11 Mar 2017 01:50
morningbirdmorningbird 10 Mar 2017 20:45
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Congratulations! It's a boy!
Yew is wind pollinated so the males shed their pollen on the wind and a large, mature male can shed a lot of pollen at once which can look smoke-like. This contributes to hay fever for some people, but it's not as problematic as some other plants.

by morningbirdmorningbird, 10 Mar 2017 20:45
Brian (guest) 09 Mar 2017 16:08
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Our large yew tree appears to smoke in the spring when the wind blows. Do you know what it is?

by Brian (guest), 09 Mar 2017 16:08
Emelle (guest) 09 Mar 2017 01:21
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Thank you for this information on smudging. I'd like to suggest that you include Palo Santo in the list of smudging herbs. It's an amazing smudging medium. I prefer it over herb bundles as it doesn't trigger my asthma and has a beautiful uplifting fragrance. It's a South American wood which comes from the same family as frankincense and the harvesting of it is strictly regulated to ensure its sustainability. Many blessings xx

by Emelle (guest), 09 Mar 2017 01:21
Alastair (guest) 08 Mar 2017 20:33
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We use sandalwood to purify an area of negative spirits.

by Alastair (guest), 08 Mar 2017 20:33

I haven't had a chance to look through this all the way yet but does any one know about the German goddess Frau Perchta

frau perchta by Dora CraigDora Craig, 08 Mar 2017 19:43
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