How To Cleanse Crystals

Crystals, tools, amulets, talismans, and jewelry need to be cleansed when acquired and also periodically throughout ownership to remove any negative energy debris. It is especially recommended to cleanse items used for healing and in divination often.

Required Tools:

A number of items can be used to cleanse crystals.

They can be cleansed in water, using smoke, a singing bowl or earth.


The method used most often is to pass the item repeatedly through the smoke of smoldering herbs or incense. This is called smudging or suffumigation. Cleansing by smoke is used not just for crystals and jewelry, but also for Tarot cards, runes, tools, antique furniture, vintage clothing, and houses. The smoke removes negative energy debris and also assists in removing unwanted entities.

Both crystals and jewelry, as well as other small items, can be passed through other purifying incense such as frankincense, placed in cotton bags filled with sage, powdered frankincense or sandalwood, or given a full cleansing of being sprinkle with blessed salt, passed through incense smoke, passed quickly through a candle flame and sprinkled with blessed water.

Purification by smoke, however, is not always possible due to personal sensitivities or living situations.

Crystals can be buried in the earth for a period of time to cleanse as well as recharge their energies. It is advisable to put a marker of some sort over the spot to find the crystal again. Or the earth can be brought indoors in a pot and the crystal buried within.

Some crystals can be placed in a slow moving stream, a bowl of rain water, or a bowl of salt water overnight for cleansing, but some are susceptible to water damage.

Clear quartz can be placed in sunshine for cleansing and recharging, but make sure that the sun’s rays passing through the crystal won’t start a fire.

Smooth stones that aren’t likely to be chipped can also be placed in a singing bowl while the bowl is “sung.”

Additional Comments:

Cleansings are traditionally done on Saturdays in the waning phase of the Moon, but can be done anytime as needed.

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