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Thoughts on first altar set up. For a while now I have been thinking of setting up a altar. My question is more of a what is

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Thoughts on first altar set up.

For a while now I have been thinking of setting up a altar.

My question is more of a what is your constructive opinion on this set up.

I would like to honor Venus and Mercury.  The plan is to have a cloth on which there would be the 4 elements in each respective direction. A candle for male and female. Venus and correspondence on female side and same with Mercury. Then add wand, chalice, incence and salt water.

Being a noob/Neophyte, please share thoughts in simple terms I won't be offended.

I was unsure if having two gods on one altar would cause conflict??? But have same dad (Jupiter) and are different genders.

What are all the types of magick that exists ?

(1 replies)

I've searching on internet a bit and gere also but i don't know any sites nor how to use the reight keywords to find my answer. Could tell or show me all the type of magick that exists please ? I know of the elemental magick, ceremonial magick (arcane magick ?) and hedge ir green magick. I'm trying to find the right one.

what are the basics to starting wicca or paganism?

(1 replies)

When beginning Wicca or paganism, its difficult to find a starting point. Where do I start? How do I start this magikal path?

What are the consequences of getting involved in Demonology?

(2 replies)

I am interested in continuing my studies to learn demonology, and I think that I have the right tools to keep me safe (Sacred space, salt, incense to ward off evil spirits, etc), but i want to know if this could be so etching I'm not yet ready for? What would the consequences of studying demons be whether I was, or was not prepared.

What are the Limits of Magick?

(2 replies)

Can magick change my eye color, make my hair curly, shrink me tiny or make me invisible? What is and what isn't possible with magic?

what are the runes?

(1 replies)

I find corresponding information on all of this.

What can be done about improperly dismantled spells or charms?

(0 replies)

My fiancé' family is cleaning out a home that his grandmother was renting out. The former renter died in the home of overdose. His mother found bags with dirt and stones in them, of which we do not know the exact contents or purpose of as we were not there when she disposed of them. She opened the bags and poured them into the trash. We also found a good amount of cinnamon sticks, dill weed and seed, and whole cloves. There was also what seemed to be an altar at the back of one of the cabinets that consisted of a small pitcher, cup, and tray with sea shells.

What candle, oil and incense to use when casting a separation spell

(2 replies)

I am casting a separation spell. I will cast my circle but when calling the elemental powers I want to use a scented stick for the purpose of separation for the element of air. I want to use a candle for separation as the south element. And for element of earth use Salt, and well water for the element of water. But I'm wondering if a black candle is good, and maybe Jasmine scented stick is good?

What do black cat dreams mean

(1 replies)

What dreams about black cats mean?

what does an open hole with oil at the grave mean

(1 replies)

What does open hole with oil at the grave mean

What does a witch need her wand for?

(1 replies)

So, i have my cleaned-up stick at the ready.But exactly what do i use it for and how?

What does it mean if suddenly any spell I do reverses and the opposite outcome of what I wanted happens?

(0 replies)

For a while now, everything I do works in the opposite direction. It has got to the point that I am afraid to try anything. Even my crystals have stopped working. I have tried ritual baths, smudging, covering my home in salt, and anything else that is suppose help. I am completely unsure of what to do and could use some help.

What does it mean when a witch gives you a red marble?

(1 replies)

I was given a red gold speakeld marble by my ex and a green marble to supposedly counter act it by a friend

I found a bag of stuff in my mailbox

(1 replies)

I came home from out of town and I found a sandwich bag in my mailbox containing rosemary, garlic, ginger and what appears to be tree bark. All of these items were also wrapped in a napkin in the bag as well.

What do I do about after-spell activity?

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I am comfortable with spell casting and though I've not done this one before, I'm sure I did it right. I cast a seemingly successful protection/reversal spell. I planned to bury the remains in the back yard so I put them in a box to carry them out. An audible tapping began in the box. At first I assumed it was a settling sound but it continued in a way I can't explain. I didn't know what to do. It honestly frightened me because I have been dealing with some serious negativity and felt it might be trying to stay in some way. I opted to tape the box until I could find out if I should handle it differently. On one side of the box it went fine. On the other, it would accept the tape then appear to "jump" open. Again I can't explain. I finally succeeded in getting it taped closed and noticed a small chunk cut out of my finger bleeding profusely. It was frightening so I put the box on the back porch and saged the house so much I set off the smoke alarms. Now I'm questioning what I'm dealing with and what to do about it. I'm a solitary practitioner so I have no one to ask and I'm not finding a similar occurrence in books or threads. Does anyone share a similar experience or have any wisdom to share about this? Thank you!

What happens to witches once they die?

(3 replies)

I am undergoing an operation that is potentially fatat, I was wondering what happens to a witch once they die. My mom has been resistant ever since she learned of me being wiccan and now keeps asking where will you go if you die?

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