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Lilith came to me and I have learnt what i know just by it coming to me. Is this working but is it magic or possesion.

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I feel that she is protecting me. My abilities are more along the lines of telepathic suggestion and dead on. And if this is magic what would it be considered?

Pennies from Heaven or...

(6 replies)

Long one here but I feel detail is important.

Well… Here goes: I see stuff.all the time. Corner of my eye etc. Pennies and dimes entities (?) leave me - tho I was never convinced of the pennies til last week when I was sobbing; "why won't you help me?!" kind of thing. That day I stopped crying and got in the shower, ate lunch, felt better, didn't think on it til I went upstairs and there on my bed was a fng PENNY. Right in the middle.

Ok I said. I get it, you're there. What or who you are I dunno but thanks for listening..

Yesterday, I just got the feeling I should write a letter. I should tell you that a) it's addressed to to who or what I'm not sure. Spirit, angels, whatever it is I should call what I feel us there when I pray or connect. And b) I've written these before, shorter versions, and the one I burned and buried came true…

So yesterday I wrote another letter, then read it aloud. Asked for help with x, said thanks, then put it aside. Didn't think much of it really just a sense of completion.

Some time passed I ended up taking a nap.

I woke up to blinding, flashing light where I'd left the letter. I looked out the window like it was car lights, nothing there. The lights were in working order. I thought the house was on fire (the electric would go haywire right?) but nothing.

There was no logical reason for the light.. Except… Well.. This entity that I have asked for help from that leaves me pennies.

What do you think other than I'm nuts…

Looking for an old tradition envolvibg tree branch for bronchitis

(1 replies)

Tree branch to cut so I can cure child's bronchitis. I know it works it was used on me as a child . Inbolted cutting branch sleeping over it till child grew past lenght.. please help me find some answers most appreciated

My dragon statue's head broke. Should I fix it?

(1 replies)

Hi I have a dragon statue that I use when I do rituals or spells. My husband broke it's head yesterday it was an accident. But shoudl I fix it or trash it?

My dreams...

(2 replies)

Ever since i completed my self dedication rite ive been dreaming in puzzles and mazes. I see numbers. I used to havenhance clearer dreams with lots of detail, now I find myself waking up trying to price them together. Is there any way that something is blocking them from coming out? And is there a way to fix this?

Never-ending Bad Luck

(1 replies)

(I know this topic is cliche, but—)

For at least the past 10 years (probably longer), my family and I, have had terrible, terrible luck in every way: jobs, friends, relationships, etc.
Speaking for myself, nothing ever works out well for me, and 'friends/lovers/acquaintances/coworkers' are regularly betraying me. I have tried everything I can think of to change my problems, but everything fails. Sometimes, something promising starts in my life, but before long, I find that it's the same old, and someone has screwed me over again.
Please don't tell me that it's my/our attitude, as you'll have to trust me, it's not.
At this point, I have become a strong believer in fate.
Any other ideas? Thanks.

Nightmares come true

(2 replies)

For many years now, I've been having nightmares that come true. It runs the gamut of problems, but what concerns me most are dreams of death for those close to me. They're not common but once I dream it, it seems to come true within 3-4 monthseven in cases where death would not be expected for that person.
Am I killing those I love via my nightmares? Is there a way to stop this? Ideas, advice?
(Also, my good dreams rarely or never come true. And this proportion represents my life on the whole, I seem to be blocked and have lots of trouble.)
Thank you in advance

One day I found a wreath of sticks with some fairy lights ripped out of my courtyard on my doorstep. Ive had bad luck since. Hel

(1 replies)

One day I found a wreath of sticks with some fairy lights ripped out of my courtyard wound in with it. I seem to have had bad luck since..can you tell me what this is?

What are some basic healing herbs?

(2 replies)

I have searched a couple of sites and cannot find any healing herbs correspondences and I was wondering if I could have some ideas as I am interested in brewing a herbal healing tea.

Protection spells and consent - how to know if we are overstepping our boundaries?

(1 replies)

My sister's mother-in-law is a known witch in her community that openly dislikes my sister. My sister has found red threads sewn into her clothes and is having a hard time with her husbands behaviour becoming more and more verbally hostile(amongst other strange things happening). I was thinking of creating a witch's bottle for my sister, but I am afraid to ask her if she would like one. Because she had had bad experiences with her in-law she might get scared of me for knowing things related to witchcraft or she might feel reluctant in giving me "material" for it. Making one in secret would feel strange - like I was doing something wrong? Should I just focus on a prayer for her or do you have any other suggestion?

Should menstruation match with the right moon phase? and can a witch do spell work during her cycle or just meditate?

(5 replies)

My cycle this month fell on the new moon but other times it falls during the waning moon which I have read that's when it actually should! I have also read that during menstruation it's a time when energies are not about the outside 'normal' world and it's more for contemplating and unravelling any messages coming to us during our cycle…What do you think? any more input into this?

So... I am debating if I should look further into this.. I have a strange connection to the Summer because of sign thoughts?

(1 replies)

An old woman confronted to me today and called me The Child of Summer and The Gemini Cain.

I looked that up and it is the biblical representation of the Gemini Adam and Eve's sons.

I honestly wasn't sure about joining the Wiccan faith until this happening.

Someone burnt both ends of a plantain and wedged it between my window and AC unit. What does this mean?

(3 replies)

They also left a stench that came in through the AC window unit. Almost as if a skunk had sprayed my AC. This is the second time being woken in the middle of the night to this strange smell, but it only comes in through the AC. There isn't any smell outside. Searched for anything inside the unit, but all I have found is the charred plantain. What spell did they cast? What could the smell have been? And other than making a police report, what can I do to stop what they did?

Apples and cinnamon

(1 replies)

An unknown person left a jar with 2 pieces of cinnamon and 2 pieces of I think it's is apple. What might this mean?


(2 replies)

i read something called ten days of dreams where your supposed to dream of something for ten days, it didnt happen and i was wondering if there is a spell or curse to make it happen to someone or myself or if there was a spell to make you dream of something specific

Symbolic witch dream interprentation help..

(2 replies)

Dear witches, although I dont post as often as I would like to, I have always appreciated the insight this site offers. I had a dream last night which I think is quite symbolic for a witch but find it challenging to come up with a clear explanation…I dreamt I was out in the sea on a rock and a woman/bird flew and landed in front of me-she had a human body but her back was all covered with magpie feathers-mostly black and white. Then she started caressing and feeding a bird (which was not a specific breed bird) and I felt I wanted to do the same..but as I approached to touch the bird, it turned and bit a piece of my forefinger. I looked at it and saw that a small piece of flesh was bitten off and was dissapointed and shocked by the bird's hostility.
I have looked up what a magpie symbolizes but just the feathers on a woman/bird and the bird biting my finger off, is difficult for me to explain. Any insight on this dream?

The last 2 guys that ive talked to in the past have gotten into bad accidents

(2 replies)

I talked to a guy months ago and we talked for a while and we were supposed to go out but all of a sudden he changed his mind and the next day went out with his ex and told me he was sorry but he loved her, and i really liked him and i was upset for awhile but we remained on good terms. But about 2 weeks later he got into a really bad accident and broke both of his legs. Now fast track to maybe a month after that i met someone else he was everything and i was so into this guy and we moved in together but it was "complicated" because he wasn't ready for a relationship yet. All of a sudden he is never home anymore he's always gone. He comes back and tries to explain something i couldn't understand cause to me he wasn't making any sense. He leaves again and i haven't seen him in a few days… later to find out he ask a girl out and has been with her. I kick him out, but later we talk it out and i get over it. Mostly cause i knew something like this was going to happen but i still chose to go forward with it. But once again 2 weeks later he gets into a really bad accident, he sends pictures and they are bad and now he has a scar on his face, which is super ironic because of how vain he was and even mentioned of it didn't heal he would kill him self but its still there an low an behold he is still among us. Anyway, I haven't been with anyone since mostly cause i'm scared of getting hurt or worse the next guy who hurts me to get seriously hurt. I dabble in a little magic and was wondering if it might of been anything i might of done? Even though i promise with all my heart i never wish for anything like that to happen to them.

The meaning of the planets in use herb to make proprietary medicines?

(1 replies)

The meaning of the planets in use herb to make proprietary medicines?

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