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What is Magick?

(1 replies)

What is it?

What Is Paganism?

(1 replies)

What does it mean?

Age difference from magick's point of view?

(2 replies)

It's been a while since I've been on this site but I really wanted to ask what is the concept of age in a relationship between a witch and a wizard? I met my other half who is also into magick and we have been content with each other beyond imagination. We do our magick rituals together and have the exact same perceptions on life.There is an age difference though and it's the only thing that bothers me in silence. He is not concerned about it and when I mentioned it to him he told me that the universe decides about the souls' fate and to whom do they belong to and that we should accept this blessing. He is 35 and I am 48 (but look younger). I wonder though why a mature and brilliant man who is younger than me, came now into my life…Any input on this???

What is the Difference Between Witchcraft and Wicca? Is there a Difference?

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Many people have asked me: I have heard the Wicca is simply another name for Witchcraft. OR I have heard that Wicca means Good or White Witchcraft, while the term Witchcraft applies to evil or black Witchcraft. OR Some folks tell me that Witchcraft and Wicca are the same thing, others tell me they are two different things. Who is right?

what is the first book I should read to learn my Witch Craft?

(1 replies)

I am getting too much information on how to study Witch Craft. I like to learn and do things proficiently, so I am looking for advice from you. I trust what you may suggest, having read a lot of the responses to other folks questions. Thank you for your help. blessed be you and yours

What is the proper way to dress/anoint a candle with oil?

(1 replies)

Are you supposed to start at the base of the candle and work to the wick?
<-|-> Middle to wick then middle to base?
->|<- Wick to middle then base to middle?
I've read so many different ways and I would like to know the proper way so I'm not pushing something away when I'm actually trying to attract it and vise versa.

What is Witchcraft?

(5 replies)

What kind of omen is rain?

(3 replies)

I haven't really tried to research on rain itself and I thought to make a question. One thing I know is that, 4 weddings I have personally been to which was raining that day, ended up in divorce…..I was prompted to ask my question because as I was standing outside today I saw two magpies flying together and I felt like saying a charm/wish. A few minutes later it rained lightly. Could that rain indicate some kind of negative message?

What love spell or love oil could I make with just these herbs? Rose Passionflower Catnip Lovage

(2 replies)

I've got them today. Only cooking oil I have is Safflower, other oils, Frankincense and Jojoba Oil. Thank you. Blessed be!

What plants have a fascinating story on how they became associated with witchcraft?

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Many plants that have become associated with magick or witchcraft have a fascinating history or reason they are associated with the para-normal. What plants do you know a history of that you find interesting? What is this plant used for in practice? Howd it get known and discovered? Consider its name and why it is called what it is.

What Plants Should I Plant Outside to Protect my Home?

(2 replies)

I have a patch of land near my front porch where I would like to plant some ornamental plants. Are there any plants that will bring positive magickal energy to my home if I plant them there?

What properties would a crepe myrtle branch add to a magick wand?

(1 replies)

I am trying to decide which stones to add to this branch a tree dropped for me but it's being stubborn even though I previously felt that it would be right to add stones. I am guessing the Will would be a strength of this wood but I am not sure what else.

What Should I do with my used Spell Components When I am Finished With Them?

(1 replies)

After a spell, I usually have a candle stub, or at least a pile of wax, some bits of paper, herbs, stones, ashes, etc. Is there a "proper" way to dispose of these things?

What signifigance, if any, do drugs like marijuana and poppies and such have in accordance to magic

(7 replies)

What signifigance, if any, do drugs like marijuana and poppies and such have in accordance to magic

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