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Can I use someone else's spell (Internet, book, etc.) or do I have to write my own?

(3 replies)

I've found a few spells I would like to try on the Internet and in a few books. I was reading somewhere that using someone else's spells requires you to share energy and their intentions mixed with yours. Is this true? Would it be pointless to use someone else's pre-made spell?

Can men be Witches?

(4 replies)

Can someone help find what this rune is?

(4 replies)

It's a rune that keeps recurring in my dreams. It looks like a capital T with a < in the middle. It is often carved, but I have seen it written in blood at times too. Please help put this question to rest!

The Theta State?

(1 replies)

What is the Theta State of mind, and are there any good articles to read about it?

Can someone who has passed who I've never met be reached?

(1 replies)

I have never met my mother and when I finally found her she had passed. I feel her, I can summon her presence but not messages or sounds. Should I go to a medium? Or is there a better way to communicate with passed souls?

Can you accidentally bind people together via an object?

(3 replies)

I Know a friend who is in a toxic relationship with his girlfriend however as clear as this is they cannot seem to break away from each other and he has inmesurable amounts of bad luck as well as she. This all sort of started ever since they made a blood necklace for each other -each carrying the other person's blood

Can you allow me to speak in someone's head without freaking them out? Like giving them positive thoughts?

(1 replies)

I want to encourage someone that their ok and that their strong but their on the other side of the world.thats why I asked the question that I did

Can you please send me a mermaid spell please I'm crying

(0 replies)

I really want a working mermaid spell

Could someone be a witch without doing spells

(3 replies)

Can they work with herbs and crystals without necessarily doing any spells at all?

Making a Coven

(2 replies)

1. What EXACTLY is a coven?
2. If I wish to make a coven, is it possible?
3. What is involved in the making of a coven?
4. What is involved in letting people join, if possible?

Déjà vu?

(6 replies)

I experience déjà vu at least 3 times a week. Most of the time it's little things.. like a conversation I've had before or something silly like that. But I've also had dreams about people I don't even know. I had a dream about my current boyfriend about 6 months before I met him. At first I thought I was crazy and he did too. But last week I had a dream about an old friend of the family.. we were having a birthday party for him but he never showed. I had my mom call him.. his birthday was the day before and he was in the hospital after a motorcycle accident. It was the strangest thing ever. So what I'm asking… does this seem like the gift of premonition?

Did my mom curse or put a spell on my dad

(2 replies)

While my dad was away on trip my mom would burn candles in my dads bathroom even though no one was using it while he was away. Since my dad came back he has been acting different.

Does amethyst and selenite work good together?

(2 replies)

I am wondering if amethyst and selenite work great together as a combination?

Does Magick Always Have to be Done at Night?

(1 replies)

It is not always safe or convenient for me to wander out at night to perform spells. Is this really necessary?

Does my crush know I'm contacting her spiritually?

(3 replies)

So I've been practice white magic to contact a loved one spiritually, emotionally, and in her dream spells. I kinda took it up a notch by placing a picture of her in the center of a pentagram I drew with two red ritualistic candles to call upon the gods. And I've noticed that anytime I spiritually contact her, she continues post pictures of her boyfriend (which she has issues with) like an hour or two later. Is she trying to push me out of her head? Is it a sign she knows I'm contacting her?

Does the use of methadone in the form of daily treatment block my ability to feel energies or move them, hinder my spell work or

(2 replies)

I am a beginner in wicca and I'm not sure if my long term (prescription) use of this medication is keeping me from being able to connect with energy and nature the way I should? My senses are very dull and even though I have been researching for months I have not connected with a diety. I feel a pull to freyja but when I meditate or pray to her I feel nothing. I feel no energy's other than when I chant during the few spells I have tried. It's a tingling happy feeling, but it only last a short time and then nothing. I don't understand what is blocking me and the only thing I can think of is possibly my use of this medication.

Do i have to chose a specific type of witchcraft or can i mix and match different paths?

(3 replies)

I don't know if I want to follow a magick tradition and want to kind of go with it and make it up as I go along. Is this possible?

Do I have Witch blood?

(1 replies)

I always knew who I was since my childhood, even if at that time I couldn't explain it. But I always knew. My gifts, abilities, every inch of me has nothing to do with ''normal'', my days are not normal (to me they are but to others, it is all seen as weird) and all my gifts came naturally and effortlessly.

All my life I have been called a witch since childhood to my adulthood. And I never knew why people called me that. As a young adult, I am still learning how to cope with society. It's hard but I know am not alone. I am deeply connected to God and my ancestors, what increases my curiosity is, I have had more visions and dreams lately, but they were about women running away, I believe it was the witch hunt because, I saw how they have been killed and burnt. (horrible). Some of the women called me ''daughter'', and they showed me where they hid some things.

There was a vision where I saw a woman who REALLY looked like me, but she had very long wavy hair (almost feet length) while she was attached to a tree and being burnt, she was looking at me and showed me her cameo, it had a spiral symbol. Strangely, I found the same symbol in my room as a small medal. I remember I had this medal that I got in a magazine's gift, didn't know it was a sacred symbol but it's been years I had lost it so suddenly after that vision I finally found it again, I will put it in my grimoire or a jewel. And those visions are happening more frequently, I would be so happy to read your opinions about wether or not I carry witch blood in my veins. Even if I always knew who I was, I'm new to those ''Witchy'' things. I started to collect herbs, etc for my apothecary, I'm here to learn. I'm glad and thankful I found this website.
~Love and Light~

Do I need an altar?

(3 replies)

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