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Do I have Witch blood?

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I always knew who I was since my childhood, even if at that time I couldn't explain it. But I always knew. My gifts, abilities, every inch of me has nothing to do with ''normal'', my days are not normal (to me they are but to others, it is all seen as weird) and all my gifts came naturally and effortlessly.

All my life I have been called a witch since childhood to my adulthood. And I never knew why people called me that. As a young adult, I am still learning how to cope with society. It's hard but I know am not alone. I am deeply connected to God and my ancestors, what increases my curiosity is, I have had more visions and dreams lately, but they were about women running away, I believe it was the witch hunt because, I saw how they have been killed and burnt. (horrible). Some of the women called me ''daughter'', and they showed me where they hid some things.

There was a vision where I saw a woman who REALLY looked like me, but she had very long wavy hair (almost feet length) while she was attached to a tree and being burnt, she was looking at me and showed me her cameo, it had a spiral symbol. Strangely, I found the same symbol in my room as a small medal. I remember I had this medal that I got in a magazine's gift, didn't know it was a sacred symbol but it's been years I had lost it so suddenly after that vision I finally found it again, I will put it in my grimoire or a jewel. And those visions are happening more frequently, I would be so happy to read your opinions about wether or not I carry witch blood in my veins. Even if I always knew who I was, I'm new to those ''Witchy'' things. I started to collect herbs, etc for my apothecary, I'm here to learn. I'm glad and thankful I found this website.
~Love and Light~

Do I need an altar?

(3 replies)

Do Spells Have to Rhyme?

(2 replies)

Will my spells still work even if they don't rhyme?

Do vampire spells work

(1 replies)

Fangs drinking blood

do witches normally suffer with dreams?

(2 replies)

.two or three times a month
.doesnt seem like a dream as i feel pain,tyred,anxios
.wake up exausted like i never slept and i remember everything

.have already had other help
doctor,theropy since i can remember no one helped
.started with nighfrights

Do you have any tips on wishing on a Equinox ?

(0 replies)

Is there anything you can suggest to making Equinox wishes come true ? Any tips or tricks ? :)

Dream walking..

(2 replies)

Over the passed year or so i have shared energy with someone (which i asked about in the question "energy sharing during meditation") whom im sure is unaware of how powerful he actually is. Either he doesn't know or hes really good at playing dumb. Either way it goes, i have had dreams about this man almost every night for months. I cant shake it. We had a little falling out a few months ago (right before the dreams started) i know he knows about the dreams, he hasnt said anything but i KNOW he knows, in my dreams its almost as if hes taunting me. When i read his aura its different now. I see alot of myself. And no this isnt a love thing. So after all of this.. my question is.. would he be able to walk through my dreams? And if so, can i stop him?

Dream where I met a possible mentor?

(1 replies)

I live in a city so trains are my lifeline, I use them every single day, just for some background info. I had a dream recently that I was carrying too many things and I had left something behind after getting off the train and switching to another line. I was super upset but an older woman (in her 60-70s definitely crows feet and grey hair but her back was straight and she smiled often) held up the bag I had left on the train. She never actually outright said it but I knew she was some type of witch. She seemed like an ordinary woman but had this air of intelligence and a little bit of mischief. She didn't speak much either, but somehow I understood when she gave me a look or a smile what she was trying to convey. I was really happy being on the train with her and I am not the type to really talk to strangers no matter how pleasant they may seem. I was sad when I realized I had to get off the train and I said goodbye, but when the train left, a message was sent to my phone and it was her. She sent me a friend request on some game app which was sort of that mischievous personality I mentioned. I guess my question is, how do I figure out if this was just a dream or something more? I'm new to all this so what might be good options for the next step?

Energy sharing during meditation..

(3 replies)

I have been meditating with someone else. Its hard to explain but I feel as if there are pieces of him in me now. During the meditation I could feel our energies flowing into one another in almost a circular motion and maybe about 10 to 15 mins afterward. But now I still feel as if he's still in there. Sounds crazy I know but now I am able to read his aura without concentration. I can see it when I look at him just like you would see his face. I know when he's around before I see him. It's like I feel him. He has used one of my Crystals to channel me during one of his spells and it woke me out of a sound sleep.
This is alot to read but what I want to know is..
Is this dangerous? Exactly what does it mean? Is it in my head?

everytime i go outside i have dragonflies and butterflies start flying around me is there a significance to that?

(2 replies)

Its beautiful to have happen and i love them both but its just been recently that this has started and at first i just admired them but then i noticed they would start flying around every time i went out side…..so i was just wondering

animal questions!!! help!!!

(3 replies)

Everytime I'm outside willywagtails are around me usually in three's and with 3 crows, all the time is there significance to this? I had a very special experience with a willywagtail, where on a school camp in my dorm it flew in on my bed next to me and after i follwed it outside it jumped and snuggled into my hand before flying off. I also am surrounded by bees and moths, I'm allergic to them yet i find their prescenc comforting and i pick them up and they sit and climb over my hands is there significance to this aswell?


(0 replies)

hi just advice on what day is best to perform a new home spell,as my currant landlord is treating me with such dissrapect an awfulness,i have four girls an have used several protection spells and saged an smuged to no avail,i even planted a protection jar in front garden with everything including personal items an very very personal "things",but as I have been on his case to repair the boiler witch hasn't worked for 8 weeks in freezing weather he is now evicting me due to me hassling him bout it,an the protection spell was to keep me safe in the house not against him,so going to perform new house spell but so meny forums say so meny days what are best and I'm only 2 yr in to magik so baby really,thank you and blessed be

A Golden Finch Flew In My Window Is This A Sign

(1 replies)

This beautiful Golden Finch has flew into my window, then sat on a nearby tree branch for a few moments, is this a sign? How should I deal with this? and if it's not a sign, is there something I can do to prevent more birds from being hurt?

Has anybody ever tried Goetic evocation? What were the results?

(3 replies)

I realize this is very powerful magic, and I am not about to try it on my own. I just want to know if it worked for anybody or failed.

Rosemary seed pods

(1 replies)

Hi, I collected and dried some Rosemary seed pods from my Rosemary bush on impulse this morning.
I am wondering how best to use them? I mean, would they be used in the same way as I would use the rosemary its self? and as an after thought… is drying them the right thing to do! :/
They smell divine, it would be such a pity to lose them.

Hi, I'm new here 😀 I took a lot of time to find this awesome website. BTw my question is are werewolves real?

(2 replies)

Are werewolves real? If real can they have the ability to connect with someone? Like i have the urge to be in his arms and cuddle with him.

wanting to know about majic plants

(1 replies)

I would like to know about the majic plants and herbs??

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