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Is it possible to be a Christian (believe in God) and still be a witch?

(1 replies)

I've always felt pulled towards witchcraft since a very young age, but I grew up in church and believing in God. I was always told that I should not consider witchcraft because it was "of Satan" and I would be punished and sent to Hell.
I, however, do not believe this (or I don't want to at least) So, in short, is it possible for me to believe in God but practice witchcraft as well?

Is it possible to have a familiar like Salem Saberhagen ?

(1 replies)

In the tv series " Sabrina, the Teenage Witch", Sabrina is aided by a familar named
Salem Saberhagen. He was a former witch that was turned into a cat as a punishment and he acts her familar, teaching how to work with her magick. I was just wondering if it was even possible to have a talking cat familiar because for some reason I connect with him and I've always envisoned my familar as being quite similar to him. (Apologies if this comes across as dense)

Is it weird to create my own path in witchcraft and name it?

(1 replies)

I've been practicing some sort of Wiccan-influenced witchcraft for about 15 years off and on. I realize that this type of witchcraft isn't for me anymore. Recently, I decided to create my own type of witchcraft path that focuses on a new way of doing magic (something separate from Wicca) and instead of calling myself "eclectic" (I hate that word) I've used a better description. Do you think this is weird? I'm solitary, so I have no idea if this is a weird thing to do in paganism. Plus, I'm not really teaching anyone my type of witchcraft except on my blog.

Is mugwort making my muscles sore?

(2 replies)

I have been drinking mugwort tea every night before meditation for three nights in a row now. I add honey and pumpkin spice (cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg) to is for flavor. I have been having good dreams not all lucid and I can't remember them all. But I feel like maybe the mugwort is giving me sore muscles. I had done research before buying and using it and haven't heard anything about sore muscles other than if you put some in your shoes it's supposed to help with preventing sore muscles but I did hear that it can make a woman start her period or go into labor (don't have to worry about that) so I was thinking maybe it has an effect on the muscles and that's why my muscles have been feeling like I'm training for a weight lifting competition? Idk Any advice?

Is there a main book of witchcraft that would compair to a bible or torah?

(2 replies)

Looking for suggested reading to gain better understanding. Any suggestions?

is there an alternative to lemon basil in spells?

(1 replies)

im preparing a protection spell but i cannot find lemon basil anywhere. does anyone know any alternatives?

Is there any way to discreetly consecrate your book?

(6 replies)

I'm on a budget, with a family that's pretty against witchcraft. is there any way to consecrate my book discreetly, or if i have to in general?

Is there a way to unlock repressed/latent "talent"

(1 replies)

I feel it deep down… Heat… coiled power inside me… My whole body heats up and responds to all kinds of pain not my own but i can not figure out how to access this…

Stolen Crystal

(1 replies)

I stole a crystal from someone a year ago and I am feeling terrible about it. Do you think its bringing me bad ju jus? I would like to return it. What should I do?

Is witchcraft safe?

(1 replies)

I was raised catholic, and the idea of demons and stuff frightens me. ( Please don't get offended by anything I'm saying, I'm not great with words). Now, this makes me sound very ignorant but being raised in Louisiana + catholic has almost made me fear witchcraft due to the way movies portray witches. Is is safe?

how do i find myself

(1 replies)

I've been told I have a special ability! I can feel it! How can I find myself!

Necromancy book recommendations.

(1 replies)

Does anyone have any reccomendations on any Necromancy book?

Strange black wick

(1 replies)

I was born with a black wick on my hand, ans when a show my wick to someone, he said"I never see that before",what does it mean?

Lilith came to me and I have learnt what i know just by it coming to me. Is this working but is it magic or possesion.

(2 replies)

I feel that she is protecting me. My abilities are more along the lines of telepathic suggestion and dead on. And if this is magic what would it be considered?

Pennies from Heaven or...

(5 replies)

Long one here but I feel detail is important.

Well… Here goes: I see stuff.all the time. Corner of my eye etc. Pennies and dimes entities (?) leave me - tho I was never convinced of the pennies til last week when I was sobbing; "why won't you help me?!" kind of thing. That day I stopped crying and got in the shower, ate lunch, felt better, didn't think on it til I went upstairs and there on my bed was a fng PENNY. Right in the middle.

Ok I said. I get it, you're there. What or who you are I dunno but thanks for listening..

Yesterday, I just got the feeling I should write a letter. I should tell you that a) it's addressed to to who or what I'm not sure. Spirit, angels, whatever it is I should call what I feel us there when I pray or connect. And b) I've written these before, shorter versions, and the one I burned and buried came true…

So yesterday I wrote another letter, then read it aloud. Asked for help with x, said thanks, then put it aside. Didn't think much of it really just a sense of completion.

Some time passed I ended up taking a nap.

I woke up to blinding, flashing light where I'd left the letter. I looked out the window like it was car lights, nothing there. The lights were in working order. I thought the house was on fire (the electric would go haywire right?) but nothing.

There was no logical reason for the light.. Except… Well.. This entity that I have asked for help from that leaves me pennies.

What do you think other than I'm nuts…

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