The sun is the center of and the largest object in our solar system. It contains more than 99% of the total mass of our solar system. It is 1,390,000 km in diameter and has a mass of 1.989e30 kg. The temperature of the sun is 5800K on the surface and 15,600,000K at the core. It is made up mostly of hydrogen and helium.

Solar Deities

To the Greeks, the Sun represented the God Helios. To the ancient Romans, the God Sol. In ancient Egypt, Ra. In Japan it is the Goddess Amaterasu and the Norse Goddess is Sunna or Sol. The Aztec Sun God is Tonatiuh. Many other deities have been closely associated with the Sun.

Other Associated Dieties

Aditi, Ah Kinchil, Apollo, Aten, Brighid, Dhatara, Frey, Itzamna, Lucifer, Mithra, Mystere, Nitten, Paiva, Savitar


Astrologically the sun represents the Self or the ego and rules the life force. It is symbolized by the unbroken circle that is the soul with a dot in the center to represent the spark of life. The sun also involves creative enterprises that are a projection of the person, from art and business to having children and parenthood (especially fatherhood). In female charts the sun is often thought to represent the men in their lives, particularly husbands. It also rules the fun side of life from sport and recreation to holidays and social events. The poet Marcus Manilius in his epic, 8000-verse poem, Astronomica, described the Sun, or Sol, as benign and favorable.

The sun is the ruler of the 5th house and the planetary ruler of the zodiac sign Leo.

The Sun is associated with Sunday. Dante Alighieri associated the Sun with the liberal art of geometry.

According to ancient cosmology, the Sun (and other planets) traveled around the Earth. The portion of the sky (or arc) that the sun travels in every year, rising and setting in a slightly different place each day, is therefore in reality a reflection of the Earth's own orbit around the Sun. This arc is larger the further north or south from the equator the latitude is, giving a more extreme difference in day and night and in the seasons during the year. The sun travels through the twelve signs of the zodiac on its annual journey, spending about a month in each. The Sun's position on a person's birthday therefore determines what is usually called his or her "star" sign, this makes sense, because the sun itself is a star.

In Chinese astrology, the Sun represents Yang, the active, assertive masculine life principle. In Indian astrology, the Sun is called Surya and represents the soul, kingship, highly placed persons, father.

Sun Signs

The Sun is the most important "planet" in astrology when it comes to determining a person's inner makeup. The Sun represents the Self. As the sun appears to travel through the arc of the sky, it gives the appearance of moving through the 12 signs of the zodiac, spending about a month in each. The Sun's position on the date of someone's birth determines their Sun Sign, also called zodiac or star sign. This is believed to have a great bearing on the person's overall personality makeup.



The sun is associated with the heart, circulatory system, the spinal cord and the thymus gland.

Metal Gold

Plants/herbs Plants that resemble the sun in shape or color, that open during the day and close at night, that follow the sun's movements during the day, any plant that leaves one feeling warm and relaxed and medicinal plants that affect the heart, including: Acacia, angelica, Archangel, Poppy, ash, Birch, bistort, Black-Eyed Susan, Broom, Burnet, Butterbur, Buttercup bush, Calamus, calendula, Catechu, Cedar, Celandine, Centaury, chamomile, cinnamon, Citron, Everlasting, eyebright, Frangipani, Globeflower, Graveyard tree, Helen's flower, Heliotrope, Hibiscus, Hops, Laurel, Lovage, Marigold, Marsh mallow, mistletoe, Mock orange, orange, Peony, Pimpernel, Poinciana, Potentilla, cinqufoil, Pot marigold, rosemary, Rue, Saffron, Sneezeweed, st-john-s-wort, Sunflower, Tormentil, Viper's bugloss, Walnut, Wartweed, Yauhtli

Animals Lion, Sparrowhawk, Griffin

Colors Orange, amber, gold, yellow

Magick Protection, prosperity, wealth

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