Magic Spells

Spells are ceremonies designed to focus a magic-user's energy in order to bring about a magical change.

The Witchipedia maintains this user-created database of magical spells. We invite you to share your spells with us and look up spells for your personal use, but we make no claims as to the efficacy or originality of the spells in this database. We ask that if you post spells from other sources, that you provide full attribution, including links, if applicable. You are welcome to attribute and link to yourself, of course.

To add a spell to the database, simply type the name of your spell and click "Share" to get started.

Get Noticed At Work -To encourage your employer to place high value on your work

The Oak Pentagram Amulet: -Protection for the home, Beacon to other Magick Folks & Symbol of Midsummer.

The Witches Rune -A chant to be used after casting the Circle to call the Goddess and God

Protection sachet -General protection

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