Planetary Correspondences

planet zodiac metal day color stones herbs Symbols Influences
Jupiter Tin Thursday blue Sapphire eagle, dolphin, hart Gains, riches, favor, peace, cooperation, appeasing enemies, dissolving enchantment, recognition, councils
Mars Aries Scorpio iron or red brass Tuesday red ruby garnet bloodstone diamond gentian ginger mustard nettle sword, pentagram, the-tower, horse, bear, wolf, vulture War, male potency, victory, judgements, submission of enemies, bleeding. Stripping one of rank, barreness, discord, conflict.
Mercury virgo Gemini aluminum or mercury wednesday violet, gray, purple, indigo, yellow opal agate hyssop juniper betony carrot caraway chervil chickweed cinquefoil mullein wand, caduceus, octagram, the mind, the-lovers Good fortune, gratitude, gain, memory, understanding, divination, dreams. Selfishness, poverty, forgetfulness.
Moon Cancer silver monday white, blue, silver moonstone pearl The High Priestess, The Chariot, Bow and Arrow, crab, cat, turtle, sphinx, owl gratitude, friendliness, safe travel, physical health, wealth, protection from enemies. Curses a location, interferes with business/work/vocation
Saturn lead Saturday black onyx aconite, alder, apple, ash, asparagus, baneberry, beech, belladonna, bistort, hellebore, blackthorn, comfrey, corn, cypress lapwing, cuttlefish, mole Safety, power, success, positive response to requests, intellect. Causes discord, strips honors, melancholy
sun Leo gold sunday yellow, orange, amber amber, topaz, ruby, diamond, cat's eye, chrysoleth, carbuncle angelica poppy acacia ash sunflower marigold eyebright heliotrope hibiscus st-john-s-wort calendula mistletoe lion, hexagram, sparrowhawk, dragon, head, heart, swan Renown, potency, success, fortune. Tyrrany, pride, ambition.
Venus Taurus Libra copper friday green, pink turquoise, emerald, sapphire, jade jimsonweed violet rose coltsfoot alder alkanet apple angelica olive sesame The Heirophant sparrow, dove, swan, girdle, heptagram peace, agreements, cooperation, fertility, joy, love, good fortune. Jealousy, strife, promiscuity.

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