Witchipedia is pleased to present our monthly themes. Each month we will choose a theme for our community to focus on.

Members of our community can participate in the following ways.

  • Create or update articles within the theme. Click on the links provided. If the article doesn't exist, you'll be prompted to open the editor. If it does exist you can edit it by clicking the "edit" link on the bottom.
  • Take part in themed discussions in our Forums.
  • Blog about the theme, let us know by using the comment section and Tweeting it using #witchtheme
  • Got a great source of information about the theme? A webpage, a book? Use the comments section on the theme page to tell us about it.

Our Current Theme


Past Themes

Spiritual Paths
Schools of Magick
Magickal tools
Ritual Elements
Animal Magick
Calendars and Feast Days
Magickal Skills
The Dark Side
Ancestors and the Beloved Dead (Every October)
Magickal Symbols

Have a Suggestion for a Theme? Let us know!

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