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I am actively seeking partners for the Witchipedia. It's just too big a project for one person, don't you agree? I need someone who will take over a whole section of the site, (maybe the Crystals bit, maybe the Roman lore bit, maybe the Tarot bit and make it ) their own. This person will learn to create articles with little to no input from me and will post them on at least a weekly basis. This person will also greet new members and chat up the forums and maybe even come up with new ideas that we can implement together to make Witchipedia even more awesome. Is it you? Contact me at moc.oohay|aidepihctiw#moc.oohay|aidepihctiw

Remember, the Witchipedia was always meant to be a group project and anyone with the will and desire is more than welcome to post and edit any article they wish. Please read the writers' guidelines to help you on your way and if you have any questions, simply email moc.oohay|aidepihctiw#moc.oohay|aidepihctiw.

Because anyone can contribute to the Witchipedia, there are going to be differences of opinion and flat out false information. If you have something to add or disagree with a statement in an article you have several options.

  • You can edit the article itself, bearing in mind the difference between a fact and opinion- facts need to be corrected and opinions should be added to.
  • Or you can use the comments feature at the end of each page to put in your two cents
  • or you can email moc.oohay|aidepihctiw#moc.oohay|aidepihctiw and ask me to correct the article. I will do so as soon as I get a moment.

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Modern Sex Magick: Secrets of Erotic Spirituality

As you may know, author Donald Michael Kraig passed away recently. I thought it might be appropriate to honor his memory by featuring one of his books for the month of April. Since April is a rather sexy month, I feel his book on Sex Magick is a good choice. Some of us will go outside our comfort zones with this one. Not only is sex a somewhat taboo subject, but this system is based on ceremonial magick- something that may seem a little foreign to those whose training has focused on traditional Witchcraft and Wicca. But you'll see similarities too.

Please read and enjoy this book over the month of April or any time and let us know what you thought of it by posting below and/or rating above (see the stars up there?). If you've reviewed this book elsewhere, please let us know by providing a link in the comment section below.

Remember that your reviews can help other choose the best books to guide their paths.

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Writing for the Witchipedia is easy and fun. You don't need any special permission to write or edit an article, but check out our writers' guidelines before you get started. If you're stuck on what to write, visit our theme page to get some ideas. If you have a favorite subject, email me at moc.oohay|aidepihctiw#moc.oohay|aidepihctiw and ask me to put you in charge of it and I'll set you up to get all the advertising revenue from that part of the site.

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